We cannot say how much he enjoyed saving the cost

But he was very satisfied about this amount and enjoys driving this car


So we started this Purchasing and delivery service in Japan

We have a good partner in Gold Coast who takes care about an Importing custom clearance of Used Japanese Cars at Brisbane Sydney and Melbourne with handling a registered license from Government for many years.

Please not worry about this matter. You receive your car without any problem through his support.

Bank Name Chiba Bank Limited Anagawa Sub Branch
Bank Address 3-1-18 Anagawa Inage-ku Chiba-city
Chiba- pref. 263-0024 JAPAN
Branch Code 063
Account No 3340110
Name of Account Yoshiharu Ando
Account address 2-10-15 Tendai Inage-ku Chiba-city
Chiba-pref. 263-0016 JAPAN

No Guarantee

Sorry we do not provide any Guarantee for your purchased car
Because we did not sell it to you from our stocked inventories.
You selected and purchased the car from our listed cars by yourself
BUT as you might understand, we selected all cars for you
which were provided as GOOD CONDIONED CAR by each used car shop
and we checked all details of the car as mechanical view.
So we always provide THE BEST CAR only for you, we guarantee this point